participation criteria

The scientific title of this project is: “rTMS/CBT as next step in antidepressant non-responders. A randomized comparison with current stepped care approaches to major depressive disorder”. Patients can be referred using ZorgDomein. They can be referred specifically for rTMS treatment at the department of Psychiatry of the Radboudumc, mentioning ‘DETECT’.


If you have questions regarding the study or referal you can also contact Iris Dalhuisen, PhD student and coordinator of the study,
on 06-50098382 or

Inclusion criteria

The inclusion criteria for the study are as follows:

–  Moderate to severe depression

–  Absence of psychotic symptoms

–  No chronic depression

–  No response to two adequate trials of antidepressants and/or psychotherapy

Exclusion criteria

The exclusion criteria for the study are as follows:

–  Diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, current substance use disorder, and psychoorganic syndrome

–   Previous treatment with rTMS or ECT

–  Epilepsy or convulsions

–  Head trauma or surgery

–  Ferromagnetic parts in the head (except for a dental wire)

–  Cardiac pacemaker or neurostimulator

–  Pregnancy


Radboud UMC

Afdeling Psychiatrie

route 975a, Huispostnummer 966

Reinier Postlaan 10 

6525 GC Nijmegen

Iris Dalhuisen uitvoerend onderzoeker

T 06-50098382

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Radboud UMC

Department of Psychiatry

route 975a, House number 966

Reinier Postlaan 10

6525 GC Nijmegen

Iris Dalhuisen researcher

T 06-50098382